Surf Your Way to Baler

Want to surf but afraid of getting washed out and probably drown? Beginners are more than welcome in Baler; you guys need to throw your worries away. There are definite waves to look out for, but water depth is just about your waistline. This is the perfect place to learn how to surf and learn the surfer language.

Baler, Aurora is a must-visit for surfers out there. The locals are very friendly and accommodating to visitors. If you’re lucky enough, there might be a small party where you can get invited. Experience a party of reggae music with the locals. They’ll provide you with lambanog, but a word of advice: don’t expect any chasers. It's a party fit for the surfers.

Lodging is not a problem, either. If you are on a budget, camping can be done in specific places in the area. Just pay a minimal fee of a hundred or so. This is a very safe place so you need not worry much of your belongings. If you are there to splurge, high end lodgings are also available near the beachfront. Of course, food comes in a variety of choices and prices as well. If you want to save money, bring some canned goods. You’ll be surprised that they might just be your next best friend.


No surfboards? There are equipment for rent in the area. The Aliya Surf Shop is located from your point of entry. Rent a surfboard for a day for just 1, 000 pesos. Find it a little price-y? Share it with a friend, so you can cut the cost by half or more. You can also hire some local surfers to teach you in an hourly basis. Learning how to surf is as cheap as 300 pesos per hour. There is an assurance that you’ll be able to stand on a moving surfboard. That comes a long way for an experience of a lifetime.

How to get there? Just ride a bus from Cubao that gets straight to Baler. They only travel during early mornings (around 4 A.M.) for you to arrive at your destination at noon time – perfect for surfing. The ride will take you at least 8 hours of travel time, so bring a blanket because the air-conditioning may be a little harsh. There are at most 3 bus stops in an estimate of 2-hour interval from each stop. Don’t be afraid of getting hungry on your way to Baler. Just endure the 8-hour travel time and you’ll end up in a surfing paradise near from Manila.

This is more fun with your friends so tag them along on your surf trip to Baler.



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